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Carey Mulligan on the Cover of Vogue and Lilith and McRae

06 May 2013
Oh how I love the Roaring 20s and Fabulous 30s. They are my favorite decades of all time. And as you could imagine, I nearly squealed with joy when I heard they were remaking the Great Gatsby last year and equally disappointed with they postponed the release of the movie until this month.

I've been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see it here in South Korea. With the exception of Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3, this is one of my most anticipated movie of the year.

So, of course I giggled in glee when I say Carey Mulligan's spread in Vogue's May 2013 edition. She of course was dolled up in some fabulous 20s frocks.

I nearly drooled all over my computer screen when I saw the photos. The decadence, the elegance, the the .......oh sigh. Let's just sit in silence in reverence to the beauty of these designs.

On another note, I have been working hard to revamp my jewelry collection Lilith + McRae. I just wasn't happy with the first outcome. But this new set is beautiful and I am very happy with it. Take a look. All items can be purchase at Lilith + McRae

**Pictures of Carey Mulligan, care of Conde Nast 2013 and Just Jared
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  1. She is so amazingly talented and stylish!
    Great accessories as well!!!


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