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A Few Fashionble Trends Influenced by Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby

21 May 2013
This just in.. I absolutely loved and I do mean lurveddd Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Despite the fact that I truly dislike the rap music soundtrack and trust I understood the connection, I would have preferred jazz music because I am a purist. However, no matter your take on F. Scott or Luhrmann, the one thing we can definitely agree on is that the fashion of the Roaring 20s and coincidentally the film are definitely the 'cat's pajamas.' So, I've decided to be a good 'sport' and clue you in on the trends that will definitely influence your summer and fall wardrobes. So take out a pen and paper and commence jotting....I'm serious.. do it now... NOW! :)

During the 20s, women begin to wear men's wear and burning their corsets. So wide leg trousers, pussy bow tops, oxfords....lets just say loose fitting clothes were all the rage thanks to a few notable designers such as Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret liberating women from their ermmm..confined lives. Stacked heels, t-strap shoes, lace trim, black and white and flirty skirts were staples in every woman's wardrobe. Check out these few fashion forward pieces inspired by the age.

The Great Gatsby for Under $100

And who doesn't like being bedazzled? We women LOVE our jewelry and accessories. This was the age of true decadence. Think the 80s times 1000. The women in the 20s knew how to catch a man's eye...just TWINKLE.. Dangling earrings, statement necklaces and graphic prints are just a few things that this era inspired.

The Great Gatsby for Less

Stay tuned later in the week for the Beauty inspirations from this era. I am sure it will knock your socks off. Feel free to list a few things in the comment box that you ladies would like to see me cover in my fashion and beauty editorials. I am looking for some fresh ideas. Until next post. Toodles!

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