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Alluring Beauty Trends from Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

26 May 2013
In my last post, I shared with you some fabulous fashion trends garnered from Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby movie. This time, I am bringing you the amazing and I do mean AMAZING beauty trends perfect for Summer and Fall. They are definitely vintage, bold and not for the lighthearted, but in all of these trends, I am sure there is one in here for every woman.

What are some trends that we can learn from the 1920s... Hear are a few..

Great Gatsby Beauty 2

Smoky eyes and Vivid Lips

I know they have said you should never do a dark eye with a vivid lip, but they were wrong. Trends come and go and then come again so my attitude is stick with what you like unless it is black lip liner and light lips. That, was never a good trend. Nor that sharpy brow liner trend.   But smokey eyes and vivid lips? That is just sexy.  I would suggest doing a 'daytime' smokey instead of a dark Kim Kardashian-esque smokey with these vivid lips. Here are a few looks based on skin tone and they are all interchangeable. It doesn't matter if you are dark or light, cool skin tones or warm, so use any of the looks at will.

The Great Gatsby Beauty Trends: Smokey Eyes and Dark Lips

Fun Nail Trends

Fun nail trends are also a part of this roaring theme. Blood red, oxblood, black, silver, gold and pastels like blue and lavender are definitely the rage from this time period. Check out these sassy colors and add them to your Summer and Fall wardrobe.

Great Gatsby Beauty

I hope these boards have inspired you  further. I can't wait to hear about what you have tried.
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