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New Music Find-- Yuna

03 May 2013

she may not be new to you, but she is definitely new to me. The sultry voice of Yuna, a Malaysian singer/songwriter has captivated me and gotten me through the day.  I first heard her song Tourist on the TV show Arrow. This is why I lerv the WB. They are always introducing me to amazing music.

I also love her style and the fact that she is giving a different face to Islam. And don't get me started on her beautiful and colorful head wraps--abiya.  I personally like wearing head wraps--not for religious purposes, but because I don't like to always do my hair--I know I shouldn't admit that being a fashion blogger and all-- and I think they add a flair to my style.

Not only is she a singer/songwriter, she is also a businesswoman. She is the co-owner of I Am Jet Fuel, an online boutique that has trendy clothing. The site isn't currently working, but I look forward to seeing what they have available.

Here are a couple of songs that I am jamming out to on this cloudy day in Daejeon, S. Korea

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  1. She is new to me as well!
    Such as sultry voice and I do like her style.


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