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Weight Loss--It's Time, How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

16 March 2013
I recently read an article about women being overweight in our society and of course it was pertaining to men--how women should lose weight to attract men. Even though, I disagree with this allocation for why women should lose weight, I do believe women should adopt healthier lifestyle and that starts with me.

I never struggled with my weight until in 2003 I went off to college at the age of 27. A lot of unfortunate events happened and I put on a whopping 60lbs. I have since then lost the whole 60lbs to put on 30-40lbs of it again.. Thank god the 20 never came back. A lot of it was due to the fact that when I was depressed or stressed, I would sleep all of the time and I was attracted to fried chicken. Gotta have that fried chicken. I never over ate but my eating choices were terrible.

In 2009, I lost 40lbs thanks to the help and instruction of Jen Fugo over at The Gluten Free School and the information she provided me were healthy and not fad. I fell off the wagon and I am picking myself up again using those same concepts that she gave me before.

Me in 2009, after losing 40lbs

Since being in Korea, I have lost some weight but it was hard at first because I found myself depressed being here. Yet, I am very unhappy at what I see in the mirror. Don't get me wrong, I believe that I am beautiful no matter what but am I healthy? I am not.

Me in 2012 before coming to Korea.

Me now..

So I have decided to change my life. Yesterday, was the last day that I would eat meat. Eating meat always made me feel sluggish and unhappy so I have decided to rid it from my life. Eventually, I will  do away with fish as well. I will not be totally vegan, but I am moving toward that goal. My body deserves it.

I have also adopted a work out routine and a buddy system. I work out to Neena and Veena every other morning and I do yoga on the opposite morning. My goal is to drop 30 lbs over the next 5 months and I believe that I can do it in a very healthy, non judgmental (of myself) way. And I am bringing you along with me. Every week, I will chronicle the foods that I cook--I am a bit of a mini chef--and my results. The biggest thing that I must do is to completely eliminate things that I am allergic to out of my diet, namely gluten and dairy.

So I hope you all will come along for the ride.

Until next post.