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How to Wear Denim This SS 2013

19 March 2013
Spring is in the air and I am loving it. I spent all day biking here and there and spring cleaning. I always have a major urge to just clean the house. But I did take a few breaks in between to write this post to catch you ladies up on some SS2013 fashion trends. This trend has been popular for the last two years and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Colored denim is a fun and easy way to be fashion forward and slowly adding color to your wardrobe, leading up to the summer. Here are a few celebrity style and fashion bloggers take on the trend.    

Yellow Denim and Leopard
No matter what you think of Rihanna, the girl has a way with clothing and is always fashion forward. What a great way to welcome the spring with the color that represent newness and freshness. Yellow denim is definitely a fun and new way to wear denim.
How to Wear Denim SS2013

Berries on my Hips--Red Denim
This fashion blogger took red denim to a whole new level and it definitely screams spring and bloom. Red is a powerful way to wear denim. Adding some rock n roll details and you will definitely feel new.
How to Wear Denim SS2013--Red

Teal the End--Teal Denim
Posh Spice is always immaculately dressed. I have never seen her with a hair out of place and this casual look she is wearing is still very chic. Teal is dark enough to hide our lumps, but bright enough to be vibrant. If you are not into bright colors, teal denim is the way to go.
How to Wear Denim SS2013--Teal

Apricot Blossoms--Apricot Printed Denim
Here is a seemingly effortless way to wear denim. This apricot printed pant with a denim top and oxford shoes will come off cool yet effortless. Adding a gray boyfriend blazer tones down the color, giving it a more refined feel.
How to Wear Denim SS2013-coral

3 comments on "How to Wear Denim This SS 2013"
  1. Swoon! I am so loving that red and black look - edgy yet sophisticated! :)

  2. Ooh I love all of these! Especially the apricot printed denim!! Gorg.


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