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15 March 2013
It's been almost nine months since I darkened the shores of South Korea and much has happened. I work 10 1/2 hour days teaching at a Hagwon in Daejeon with some of the cutest, smartest and badass kids this world over.

Before taking this job, I didn't much like children but I must admit I have had the time of my life with my students. We are always laughing and I am always fact I had laryngitis for a week from yelling at kids. But at the end of the day, those kids hug me in the halls and love on me. They are the ultimate adorable--doesn't change my mind about having them tho.

I'll be leaving in 5 months and 2 weeks. Embarking on a new journey. I have booked my tickets to India, Nepal and Ireland. Three of my dream vacations are happening in one year. I will be in Europe for a couple of months so I hope I get to see some of my blogging buddies and followers. Eventually, you will begin to see pics of me again...I am working on some weight loss before I stand in front of a camera. What can I say? a bitch is vain..

I am looking forward to my future and sharing it with you all.  I'll be turning 37 years old next month and I feel as if my life is just now beginning. Be prepared for pictures from around the world. I would share pics of my students but unfortunately there are weirdos out there. But here are some photos of their artwork and such.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out my jewelry shop.

Here's my last 8 months in a few pics... stay tuned for more

This pic is too cute for words. Daniel enjoyed drawing

I call this piece the Korean Madonna..

One of my new students Jessica thinks everyone should be a princess or queen

A bouquet of flowers from my first ECP7 class at their graduation

Another bouquet of flowers from my first ECP7 class at their graduation

A Sunny day in Taejeon

my buddy Jack, whom I get to dog sit from time to time.

A pagoda in the center of Seoul

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More art from the kiddies

My first manicure in Korea, two weeks ago, sad I know..