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Travel Style-- Morocco

02 January 2012
Happy New Year's everyone. Its been a while since I have told you guys how grateful I am for you. And I am. This year is going to be one of the most amazing years of my life and yours too. I am taking it by the horns and riding that wave until it crests.

This new series on "Travel Style" on my blog has gotten me to play make believe. Remember how we used to play this game when were kids and how happy it made us? Well writing these posts for you guys make me play "imagine if" I was actually visiting these countries and its the most exhilarating feeling ever.

So this week we focus on Morocco. I have always wanted to go to Marrakech and walk the through the souks..

I just love imagining that and then jetting off to Casablanca to the beaches--I have always wanted to go there since seeing the movie. I mean who could forget the scene of Ingrid Bergman walking into that bar with that amazing hat and the pause at the door? Like seriously--the scene makes all fashionistas swoon.

Ingrid Bergman Inspired outfit

1. Merona Trench Coat, Target, $50
2. Buscarlet Gants Cuir Gloves, Blanc, 79 Euro
3. 14K yellow gold Fresh Water Pearls Stud,, $57
4. No. 2 pencil skirt double serge wool, JCrew, $120
5. Felt Hat
6. Emilia East/West Satchel, Fossil, $150
7. Palin T-Strap Platform, Report, $68

For those less inclined to be so glamourous I put together this more casual outfit.

1. Wixson Sandal, Ninewest, $89
2. Minneola Beach Kaftan,, $52
3. Spiral of Life Necklace, Moroccan Caravan, $75
4. Medina Yellow Straw Tote,, $34

Makeup for the day

1. Black Bean Jumbo Pencil, NYX Cosmetics, $6
2. Dior Show Blackout Mascara, $24
3. Bronze Bronzing Powder, Mac Cosmetics, $28
4. Fresh Moroccan Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics, $15
My Fragrance
I couldn't decide which I like the most from the Les Parfums de Soleil, Marrakech line by original business partner of Yves Saint LaurentAbderrazak Benchaâbane. But I think I am sold on Soir de Marrakech, with its evocative blend of amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli, and citrus oils. You can find these amazing mixtures at the Les Parfums de Soleil shop in Marrakech.

Burning in my home

Since I am not in Morocco and have no clue when I would go, to keep my imagination going I would burn this fragrant candle in my home to create an ambiance.
Sands of Morocco, Infusion Organique, Candle Luxury, $38

What I will be drinking
Moroccan Mint Tea

What will be playing in my ear

Italian born singer to a Moroccan father Malika Ayane captured my heart when i discovered her during my stay in Italy last year. Her raspy voice is like a balm to my soul.

Israeli born to a Moroccan Jewish Father and Egyptian Jewish Mother, singer Ishtar blends the sounds of the East into her fabulous tracks.

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