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Simoni Textiles--Hand-Woven Accessories

31 January 2012
I am an accessories whore. Literally...I usually buy my clothes after I have purchased my shoes, handbag and jewelry because I believe the peripherals make the picture.

So imagine my happiness when I stumbled upon Cyprian Blogger Fashionable Rose's website and found that she designs hand woven accessories. There are handbags, scarves, brooches, earrings and shoes....

I love her product line immensely and I look forward to buying something from it in the future. They are fresh, organic and above all fashionable.

Don't believe me? Take a look..

I want the blue and gold bag.. sigh.. its love

To purchase items go to Simoni Textiles

More News:

Globetrotting Vegan Blogger and screen writer Feather I., said yes to contributing posts on the vegan lifestyle and places around the world to find the best vegan food.

She runs Vegan around the World Network and blog. Altho, I am not vegan but running fast toward pescatarianism, I truly believe that this lifestyle is admirable and an inspiration toward great health.

Hope you chicklets are doing swimmingly! Until next blog..
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