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A shopping day in a Sicilian Market

24 January 2012

The one thing I love about Sicily were their markets (mercati). On Saturdays many people made their rounds by going to the fish market in Catania, food markets or clothing markets. These markets were brought to Sicily by the Northern African Moors over a thousand years ago and there, they still remain, a staple in Sicilian culture.

Another fun thing to do in Sicily on Saturday is go to Enna, the Sicilian gold capital. There is a particular street that is lined with nothing but gold shops sporting the finest gold that the eye can behold. Not to mention fashion stores.

 The other thing I love about Sicily is how fashionable the women are. It did not matter if they were going shopping in the fish market or at the gold shops they always dressed above par. Their style is always classic. I received a lot of my fashion sense from my time in Sicily and cannot wait to return some day.
Sicilian Market

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