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Madrid Spain

20 January 2012

Seeing that I have been in Spain all week--figuratively not physically-- I decided to end the week in the fabulously moorish cities of Valencia and Madrid. Valencia being the moorish realm of Spain at one time and the modest capital of Spain, Madrid, I began to wonder what would I wear?

When I think of Spain, I think of the Spain of historic times. A place where great Jewish, Arabic and Christian minds met. A place of modest and fanatical catholic leanings and the birth place of the Inquisition.

It is a country of beauty and contradictions. A place where you can run wild with the bulls, then walk solemnly down cobblestone roads, a land of sexual inhibitions and yet a land that is religiously Catholic and modest. A land of rosary beads and red dresses dancing to the Andalusian and Sephardic Jewish inspired Flamenco Guitar and music.

A land where the most prominent religions of the world once lived together in peace but eventually spun into war. All in all I am intrigued by Spain and its lisp accented Spanish. It is a country mostly forgotten when one thinks of historic Europe, yet it commissioned the Italian, Christopher Columbus, to find new trade routes to India and the new world. In fact, its culture and language dominated and still dominates the New World.

With regards to its history, I decided on a more traditional take on Spain. A cute lace fitted dress, a red Balenciaga (Spanish Designer) bag that would set any bull in motion, pearls and a rosary bead necklace. I think this outfit is fit for Spain.
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  1. Our country was colonized by spain for a hundred years and they have strongly influenced us greatly. But nothing beats being in the actual Spain.


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