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Sexy, Sassy Sicilia--Travel & Style Report

22 January 2012
When I first arrived in Sicily 17 years ago, the sounds--people speaking loudly in Italian, the smells--roasting garlic and tomatos, and the sights--a country that was almost a 3rd world country, I hated it.
I hated it because, like most Americans, you want things to operate like America. What do you mean everything closes down for 4 hours each day during lunch? What do you mean there is no 24 hour Walmart? What do you mean the bus only runs every hour? Are you serious. And dude don't these people believe in deodorant?
Greek Theatre, Siracusa

No seriously, I was that 19 year old brat. But, after three months of hanging out with Sicilians and eating their food and letting go of my American prejudices, I fell in love with this large isola off the coast of Italy, and 100 miles from the coast of Africa.

The people are genuine, loud, friendly, welcoming and loving. If you had black children they may kidnapped them because it was something about brown hued babies that they could not get enough of. Your landlord would leave lemons and blood  oranges on your door step as a gift, freshly picked from the trees in their front yard.

 And the food, oh god the food. I still have food flash backs and sometimes crave Giarrosta. Giarrosta is a full chicken stuffed with garlic, olives, and onions and based in olive oil and roasted on a spit. French fries fried in olive oil and chicken panino from the neighborhood paninoteca. And I love the restaurants on the side of Mt. Etna where the nonna, grandma, hand rolled the pasta. In fact, Sicilian food is so amazing that if you ever mentioned Sicilia anywhere in Italy, the response is always, "mangia bene."  Because everyone eats good in Sicily.
The food like the architecture, is a mixture of all the conquerors of Sicily. The Greeks, Normans, Romans, Vikings, Spaniards and Moors. You can see their imprint all over the island, even in the faces of the people. Sicilians range from blonde haired, blue eyed to dark skin and kinky hair. There is a legend that the island was once half black. In fact if you go to the city of Enna on a clear day you can see the coast of Africa.
The one thing I love about Sicily is the fashion. In fact, the very fabulous designers Dolce & Gabbana are from Sicily. The women know how to place a scarf to offset an outfit and they fearlessly walk down cobblestone roads in high heels and they are unafraid of bright color, they embrace it like they embrace their curves.

I went there to conquer Sicily, instead, Sicily conquered me. So with a nod towards Sicilians everywhere, near or far, Sicilia I love you...

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