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Look of the Day- Rachel Weisz Inspired Look

18 November 2011

I have been in love with this Rachel Weisz inspired look since I saw it in Instyle in November 2006. Crazy enough it is such a classic look that it is still relevant today.

The Black Watch Tartan--Clan Campbell-- skirt is by Ralph Lauren. And I love the 40s silhouette to the outfit. I decided to recreate this look below.  To dress up the sweater I think it would an elegant flair to remove the original buttons and sew on these Pearl Buttons with Rhinestone Trim from Enjoy.

3 comments on "Look of the Day- Rachel Weisz Inspired Look"
  1. She is a fabulous and married to the love of my life Daniel Craig!
    But I'm ok with it.
    I love the Anthropology skirt!

  2. I love her looks, it has a rich to it and classy. Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will really love, please pass by to enter.



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