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F/W 2011 Trend India

11 November 2011
India has been in the spotlight lately in fashion, home decor and travel magazines. Every time I pick up any magazine there seems to be an article about India somewhere in the midst of everything. Trust and believe I am not complaining seeing that my name is Hindi and I grew up in a largely Hindu area--my graduating class of 692 students had 96 Patels--I have quite an affinity toward India. I absolutely love Bollywood and Indian films about the Diaspora (Moonsoon Wedding, Bend It Like Beckham and the Namesake). And dont get me started on the cuisine.

So I decided to make today ALL about India. First lets start off with one of my favorite---hot hot hot--Indian (American) actors gracing the screen, Sendhill Ramamurthy. Lawd every time I see that man..ummm yeah.. Since Lost, Heroes and now Covert Affairs, Sendhill has been burning up the TV Screen. My roommate and I are always saying how it is not fair for a man to be that pretty. Hailing from Chicago, Il, with chisel features such as this, I don't think Mr. Ramamurthy will be exiting stage left for a while. But, don't take my word for it, why don't you take a look.

 The other thing I absolutely love about India is how fearless they are about color. One day when I own my own condo I plan to deck it out Indian style. Their mix of bright colors and beautiful lines--without being gaudy-- makes any home feel well festive and hom-y. I especially love mixing Indian and Moroccan styles together.

These colorful traditions carry over to weddings as well. I once was given the opportunity to do an Indian wedding here in Houston.

Until next blog post, who knows maybe it will be a nice Punjab recipe...

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  3. I love this post and your picture selection is amazingly colorful and inspiring!
    I have Indian ancestors and some close friends here in South Florida and I'll be at their Temple during their dancing and moon festivals and I'm always so happy and elevated by the colors, the music and the closeness of the community.
    Great post my dear!

  4. I like so much all these colorful pics!


  5. I definitely agree with you on the amazing use of color in India. Sometime I get sick of the electric greys and neon blacks over here...


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