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F/W 2011 Trend India

11 November 2011
India has been in the spotlight lately in fashion, home decor and travel magazines. Every time I pick up any magazine there seems to be an article about India somewhere in the midst of everything. Trust and believe I am not complaining seeing that my name is Hindi and I grew up in a largely Hindu area--my graduating class of 692 students had 96 Patels--I have quite an affinity toward India. I absolutely love Bollywood and Indian films about the Diaspora (Moonsoon Wedding, Bend It Like Beckham and the Namesake). And dont get me started on the cuisine.

So I decided to make today ALL about India. First lets start off with one of my favorite---hot hot hot--Indian (American) actors gracing the screen, Sendhill Ramamurthy. Lawd every time I see that man..ummm yeah.. Since Lost, Heroes and now Covert Affairs, Sendhill has been burning up the TV Screen. My roommate and I are always saying how it is not fair for a man to be that pretty. Hailing from Chicago, Il, with chisel features such as this, I don't think Mr. Ramamurthy will be exiting stage left for a while. But, don't take my word for it, why don't you take a look.

 The other thing I absolutely love about India is how fearless they are about color. One day when I own my own condo I plan to deck it out Indian style. Their mix of bright colors and beautiful lines--without being gaudy-- makes any home feel well festive and hom-y. I especially love mixing Indian and Moroccan styles together.

These colorful traditions carry over to weddings as well. I once was given the opportunity to do an Indian wedding here in Houston.

Until next blog post, who knows maybe it will be a nice Punjab recipe...

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