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Beauty of the Week, Kate Winslet

28 November 2011

I believe we all fell in love with this spunky Brit in her turn as Rose in the critically acclaimed film The Titanic. In fact we loved the fact that she was not an heroin thin starlet that loved her body and was comfortable in it.

Fast forward 14 years and Kate is a true star. She is funny, spunky and an amazing actress. We have been there to see her journey from fresh faced Rose to, love sick Iris in The Holiday, and dramatic turn as April in Revolutionary Road and as the seducing older woman, Hannah Schmitz in The Reader for which she won an Oscar.

Kate is beautiful and I look forward to her future work and I am glad that she is a great example for all types of beauty in the media. I love the fact that she became a star despite the fact that many studios in Hollywood told her that she would not ever be in a leading role because she was "fat." Well that "PHAT" makes us proud and I am glad to honor her on this blog.

Kate Winslet's winning look:

Kate Winslet's Make up Look:

1. Take Jumbo pencil and smudge all over eye.
2. Take Mac 266 Brush, angle edge of liner to make it look like a cat eye, make edges crisp with a triangle sponge
3. Take 217 Brush and blend liner in crease
4. Take a lip brush and blend Viva Glam Gaga and viva Glam V together to get the blushy nude lip (for darker skin add a skin color lip liner to keep lips from looking like they are floating)

2 comments on "Beauty of the Week, Kate Winslet"
  1. I absolutely adore her. I love her in that black and white dress earlier this year. That was the bomb. Good pick. Great pics of her too.

  2. I love Kate Winslet. She's an icon for me.


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