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30 June 2010
Not really, I just packed up and moved out of my house with the other three girls into my mom's. I threw away so much stuff and what I didn't throw away I gave away. I dwindle my life down to six boxes, two suitcases and a pair of chairs but I am happier for it. I feel free. I plan to go through the boxes and subtract more stuff for the stash. By the time I leave I want to be able to fit everything into 2 suitcases and a carry-on.

I am still waiting to hear back from the University but some good things have been happening on my end. A customer I had met who works for Continental Airlines, decided to give me one of her buddy passes after hear my story and what plan to do. She was inspired by me and told me so.

I look forward to showing her around Italy as a gift of gratitude for saving me over $500. My friend "F" will be giving me a free plane ticket to D.C. and New york to say good-bye to my friends and see the east coast one last time before I leave because I have no idea when I will be able to return. I plan to spend as much time exploring, Europe, Eurasia, and Africa. I am excited about my life's prospects. I am cutting everything out of my life that is proving to bring negativity and dead weight to my existence. At this point I am just in limbo, waiting to know my fate but I believe my fate is in Italy.

Until I know, here's to a wonderful night.

Sogni d'oro, i miei amici
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