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Inventive ways to travel through Europe on the cheap

01 June 2010
I am so excited about the choice I have made. I have friends and family backing me-reluctantly of course--but still supporting my decision. I just got word that my package is complete and has been wired to my school of choice so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Even though, I have decided to become the quintessential Renaissance woman, and go study some of the most ancient cultures and languages in Europe, Bologna, Italy in fact, other people I know just want to travel throughout Europe without bogging themselves down with studying and just enjoy. So my friends have become inventful with ways to travel throughout Europe and learn new languages and cultures for practically free or relatively inexpensively.

One friend will spend six months traveling throughout Europe working on organic farms and vineyards. She will be hosted by WWOOF. They provide free lodging and meals for a days work. All she will be paying for is her ticket to her locations. And when she isn't working she will be couchsurfing throughout Europe.

Another young lady I met will be studying in France next summer. She will be taking courses in perfume and soap making. This site links you to a school in Marseilles that teaches a two week long course for $1000. That includes meals and room and board. What a fantastic way to spend a vacation!

Another friend of mine will be joining the slow cooking movement and taking culinary courses in Sicily.

There are so many opportunities out there for traveling the world and if there aren't any suitable for you then make them. We are living in a time of economic crises around the world, this is the time to grab the world by the balls and swing baby! Reinvent yourself, reinvent the world.

Books I am reading now:
by: Dianne Hales

by: Jacob Burckhardt

Book I want to read:
by: Margaret Lobenstine
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