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Make-up: Partial Portfolio

09 June 2010
Here is a partial portfolio from the make-up I have done. I have spent 6 years learning l'arte di trucco..
6 comments on "Make-up: Partial Portfolio"
  1. Let us Well I can't do all of the wild crazy make-up but I can learn over the next few weeks its not that hard. We will see once I get there

  2. You're looking FIERCE girl. tre chic! (Did I say that right?)

  3. BTW, I'm adding your link to my blog roll. We're going to have to talk IRL because I want to interview you about your experiences for the book.

    Sistas FO LIFE! LOL

  4. People keep telling me I need to get on that. I'll check it out. Is it easy to do? Also, do you have a Mac? There's something called iChat (never used it, but know it's there) that also works. But you just gave me a great idea for all of us BWE bloggers could get together...a Skype meeting! Is that even possible?

  5. It is easy to set up. All you have to do is download the app for free on I do have Ichat my fellow Mac-hian.. OMG.. Email to my email address and I will give u all the info.. Smooches!:D

  6. Sweet blog!! Can I link to it? There are LOTS of similarities between you and I! Sicily, then Bologna... scary! heh


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