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15 June 2010
Does anyone go through this? Where you are on the brink of making the move of a lifetime and your psyche begins to play mind games with you? You are excited and then you start to conjure up everything that could go wrong on your journey? What if what if what if? Needless to say for the first time in my life I am having doubts. Freaking out to say the least. Will I be accepted into the school? Will I be able to find work and make ends meet? Or will I fall to the way side and have to come back home with my tail between my legs?

I am FREAKING!! What if I don't get accepted into school? Then I will have to tell everyone--for which I didn't tell--that I won't be going after all.

But you know, I don't care. Because I just say I will find another way. I will go somewhere else.. What if I am accepted? What if I am a huge success. What if I find happiness? I keep telling myself this every time my mind attacks my optimism and excitement.
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