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16 March 2010
I am not one to believe in fate but I do believe that there are signs pointing you in the direction that you need to go.

Since I have decided to go to Sicily I have been meeting many people from Italy. A couple of weeks ago I was walking with my roommate Brianna through the Galleria Mall by Nordstrom when I noticed a sign above a building tooting Sicilian Gelato.

I looked at Brianna and dragged her over to the counter. I was so excited. Once I arrived to the bar that stored the gelato, I realized it was real Italian Gelato. The owner who later told us his name was Sebastiano had just moved to Houston from, you guessed it, Catania, Sicily. I bought me and Brianna a cone of gelato and we sat at the little tables talking with Sebastiano. I informed him that I will be moving to Catania in the summer to go to school and he was really excited to hear that.

Over the next few weeks, Brianna and I would frequently go see Sebastiano and talk to him. We decided to help him with his business and ordered postcards with his shop's name on it to past out in the Mall.

Saturday I went by to see him and to meet his partner Giorgio, also from Catania. Sebastiano was very excited to see me and said he had been looking for me for the last week--I was laid up with a broken foot--ok collapsing arches, whatever--- to say the least. He and Giorgio have enlisted me to help market their little Gelateria, which will also be carrying Italian espresso and panini (yummy sandwiches). I told them they should make the shop look more authentic by painting the walls a light terracota color and hang up pictures of scenery from Sicily. They also needed to change the sign to make it more eye catching. Furthermore, they have decided that they will create a menu for delivery in the Mall, which no other restaurant does.

I think they have a great idea and I hope to help them be successful. And like any true Sicilian, they offered to help me settle in once I arrive in Catania. A girl must always have a plan B.

I am excited and I feel I am walking into my destiny.

I will keep you posted as things develop..
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