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16 March 2010
Well the next step in the chain moving me closer to Italy is getting my transcripts translated in Italian. I found a lady willing to do it for a little less than the consulate so I am using her.

I will be spending the holidays studying for the Italian grammar test that I must take in order to attend school as well as studying for my graduate school comps test that I must take in April. I have already decided on the schools I will applying to. The program that I wish to study is "Lingue moderne per la comunicazione e la cooperazione internazionale." Basically, Modern Languages for communications and international corporations. I will be studying Italian, French and Portuguese. I am very excited.

I have also decided on the schools that I wish to apply to, hopefully I will get a scholarship and fellowship at one of them. This is a very exciting time. In the future I will be writing the notes in Italian and English, just so that I can practice writing.

Until then i miei amici, have a great holiday.


Site to find schools
Italian Education Ministry

La scuola a Milano

La scuola a Roma

La scuola a Bologna

La scuola a Catania
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