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16 March 2010
I am so excited. I am sitting here in my room listening to my roommate sing and make her CD while chatting with my friend F* who is planning to go study in Paris this year. I am waiting on my transcripts to finish being translated so that I can start applying for schools in Italy and my soul is filled with this hope that I am making the right move.

There comes a point in one's life where you stand at a crossroad. One way is to an ordinary life of simplicity. A life already mapped out, a path already taken all you have to do is follow. And the other path leads to a potentially extraordinary life of adventure and purpose. A life where you take a compass, a torch, an umbrella and some sneaks. The path is unknown, its a path you must make for yourself.

Right now I feel as if me and a few of my friends are at that crossroad and believe me I am taking that second path. I love adventure. Yes its scary, I don't know what I am doing, but that's the wonder of it. Because I believe that when I reach my destination, all the scrapes, bruises, days of hunger and tears will be worth it all.

Yes I am excited, yes I know more hardships lie ahead, but I am willing and ready to face them. Bring it on, nothing and no one will stop me. Because in the end, I will find joy, because I lived my life on my terms..
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