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16 March 2010
I will admit I am going crazy. All of this planning, and not knowing exactly if I will be leaving or not, makes me insane. I still have things to do. On Thursday, I will be going to my high school to get my transcripts notarized, send them to my translator for translation and prepare for my road trip in April to Austin.

I will be doing all of my assignments for class the next few days so that I can begin my four weeks of studying for my Comps Exams. I am nervous about them, but at the same time I feel as if I have nothing to worry about. I will email all of my instructors tomorrow to get information on exam questions so that I know how to direct my studies.

I will be definitely popping my Aderral over the next couple of weeks so that I concentrate. It is very important to me to finish this degree. It has been hellish trying to finish; people dying on me, mom almost having cancer, broken foot, a mini nervous breakdown and all out rebellion against the government.

However, I'm pressing forward. I am moving to a place that most people forget about when they think about Italy. However, Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am also excited about the traveling I will be doing, and the new life I will be leading. But for now I will be making friends online who already live in Italy, saving money and passing my exams.

The finish line is near. All I need to do is stay focused on the now and the future will eventually arrive, certo?
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