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Saver Sundays: Fantastic Shoe Clubs

04 August 2013

Shoes! Shoes! Women want shoes!!

 At affordable prices they do. And they want them to fit and last a bit. Not all of us have $500 to drop on a pair of Manolo's, however most of us can afford between $40 - $100 for a pair of fabulous shoes. And who can resist shoe clubs? In walk and their fabulous stylist Rachel Zoe. These shoes are for the fashionista who absolutely love being in mile high shoes. I have ordered a few pair from this company and I absolutely love them. I will say this, the mile high club are actually quite comfortable. There are many incentives to joining Shoe Dazzle. No. 1 if you join the VIP club it is $9.95 a month and your money goes into a pool for you to use at anytime. Every referral you make, on their first purchase you will receive 200 points to your account. Once you have racked up 1000 points from purchasing 5 pair of shoes at $39.95 each or more, you receive a free pair. There is free shipping both ways as well. What's not to love?

ShoeDazzle! Style. Personalized.

Shoedazzle (clipped to


Shoedazzle (clipped to

Shoedazzle (clipped to

Shoedazzle (clipped to

Shoedazzle (clipped to

Then there is Sole Society. Sole Society is every fashionable working woman's dream. Their stylish collections are designed by Vince Camuto and one collection is inspired by "Dancing With the Stars" Alum Julianne Hough. They also have a fabulous incentive program. Once you have joined, you will receive 20% off your first purchase, free shipping and $25 to your bank for every referral on their first purchase. Their shoes are better made than Shoe Dazzle and therefore about $10-20 more, but well worth the price tag. Their shoes are sexy, sassy and a whole lot of classy and they stay in tuned to classic trends that will last the lifetime of the shoes.    
Sole Society Amanda open toe heel

Sole Society Deana closed toe flat

Sole Society Blakeley colorblock pump

Sole Society Elma suede flat

And last but not least is Shoe Mint. I believe this group was the first off the block. They are co-designed by O.C. Actress Rachel Bilson and are extremely Hollywood stylish. They too are made from quality material. They have fewer incentives but good ones all the same. You receive $40 off your first purchase and 1600 Mint points for any referral that makes their first purchase to use on any Mint Site--they also have lingerie and

Jordane (clipped to
Lori - ShoeMint


Elizabeth (clipped to

All of the above companies sizes start at 5 1/2 and go to 11, so there is plenty of style to choose from for all you fashionistas. Too bad there is so little space to put all of your fabulous shoes. Let me know if you purchase anything and feel free to show them off to us :)
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