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Frida's Little Soap Shop and Giveaway

11 August 2013
For the past few years I have begun to increasingly become more aware of the products that I put in my hair and on my skin. I opt for buying more natural and organic products despite the price tag. Since I have been in Korea, there are a slew of natural and organic products but many of them didn't work for my skin.

In walks Frida. I met Frida, a native of Indonesia, and owner of Frida's Little Soap, while I was doing an artist show in Daejeon, South Korea. She was selling her homemade, organic skincare products and I was selling my jewelry. I instantly fell in love with the concept of her products and her infectious smile. That day I took my earnings and a bought a few products to try them out. One was her chocolate glycerin bar which left my skin feeling like butter. I even washed my face with it, it was so refreshing.

I loved the organic feel of her products, the mix of essential oils and shea butter, jojoba, coconut and Vitamin E oils. Not to mention, I am a big, nay, huge fan of supporting small businesses.

So Frida invited my friend Carla and I over to try out more of her things and get some pics of her sweet little home and workspace. And the buffoonery ensued.

I was amazed to find out that she uses all natural, organic products down to her chemical free containers. The only chemical she uses is lye in her soap which she says is essential to making it. AND she prints her own labels using recycled paper. Each product is definitely made with love of beauty and making women and men feel amazing.

The Goat's milk soap are amazingly moisturizing...

she also has vegan friendly options as well.

The sugar scrub both the Sumatra coffee (made from Sumatra coffee) and Cinnamon and Vanilla were to die for and I snagged the Cinnamon and Vanilla up as well as her Gold Pearl Shea butter made from pearl and gold powders. It was smooth, the right amount of thickness and consistency without leaving a sticky feel to the skin. It just melted like butter into my pores.

Below is our interview on why she started her shop and what is in store in the future. *Hint, oils for natural hair and blushes. Did I mention that she ships internationally? You can check out her online wares here.

For my amazing followers, Frida is giving away a massage oil candle (so that you can get a little foxy with your love) and Honey Oatmeal soap bar and I will be giving away a Tour Eiffel bracelet from my upcoming Fall, Femme Fatale collection. Enter to win below, it does not matter the country, I will be shipping the products to the winner for free, gratis, etc.

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