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Product Review: Savvy Sleepers by Dale Janee

22 August 2013

I finally received my Savvy Sleeper in the mail a few weeks ago and I have been in girlie heaven. I sooo have a new crush. Being in Korea takes its toll on black women's hair due to a few hazards. 1) There is no one available to do your hair. 2) There are no products readily available for your hair and 3) The water SUCKS all of the LIFE out of your hair. Needless to say I got tired of seeing clumps of my hair in the drain and constantly having to oil it because it was so dry and brittle when I woke up the next morning.

Then, the hair goddesses shone down on me and in walks my little crush, Savvy Sleepers. Sigh, I could wax poetic about this wonderful product. Write sonnets describing my love of it, but I will spare you. SS founder, Dale Janee, of Savvy Spice,  had a great idea. This soft silky satin pillow case is invitingly luxurious to touch for all of you tactile people. I love laying my head on it at night. It is sleek. It helps hold in the oils in my hair without having them build up on my pillowcase and infecting my skin. In fact, my skin has improved 100% since I receive my black satin Saavy Sleeper. It is a great, affordable product and if you are tired of having to wrap your hair at night, use countless products, and seeing clumps of your hair in the drain, then I would suggest you invest, $36, in one of the three colors, Nappuccino, Night Knight, and Divinity. They are unisex and work for everyone.

For more information on this little hair and skin miracle, visit Savvy Sleepers here.

Now for the big reveal. The winner of the  Frida's Little Soap contest is entry #64, Stephanie G. Stephanie I will be sending you an email for your address and shipping your items tomorrow.

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Stay tuned for another giveaway at the beginning of the week. As I prepare to embark on my newest journey, I will be writing many many posts. Toodles!
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