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Summer Reading: The Mortal Instruments

18 July 2013
While perusing Google last week, looking for movies opening this year I ran across this movie, based on the series, The Mortal Instruments penned by Cassandra Clare.

I am one of the biggest Sci-Fi, supernatural geeks you will ever meet. So any program or movie that leans toward this genre immediately gets my attention. AND THEN HE WALKED IN ON THE SCREEN. Ok, I feel like a bit of a pedophile because he is probably younger than my youngest cousins, but I have thought Jamie Campbell Bower was hot since I watched him on Camelot on BBC. But whatevs, dude is hella sexy in that androgynous sort of way.

And then I saw my other Irish crush, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who I have been in love with since Bend it Like Beckham and The Tudors-- what can I say, I love the Celts.  I know I HAVE to see this movie.

And Irish Aidan Turner, from Being Human UK, is also in it.. Squeals..

Anyhoo, since the movie doesn't come out for another month,  I decided to read the first book to prepare me for it. That was Saturday. Six days later, I am now on book 4 in the series. The books rock and they are so awesome and I am terrified to go see the movies because they may not live up to the books. But the eye candy, the eye candy will draw me in. I know. I am a slut. But a little lust never hurt anyone.

The books are amazing, action, suspense, mystery, supernatural things, romance, lust. There are also werewolves, angels, demons, vampires, faeries, and warlocks in this series as well. It is a great young adult series, but like Harry Potter was originally for teens, I believe that adults would inevitably love these books.

So if you are looking for something to read this summer, and you are a Sci-Fi/Supernatural geek like myself, then you will love this series.
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