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Dior Fall 2013/14

28 July 2013
I am on vacation for the next week and then I will have 25 days left before I scoot out of South Korea. I will be spending the week putting together my Fall collection which is coming along swimmingly as well as catch up on my favorite bloggers' blogs.

While surfing the net to preview all of the Fall trends, I ran across the Dior Collection for Fall 2013 and fell in lust. The shoes alone make me swoon. Now granted, the only things Dior that I can afford at the moment are perfumes, sunglasses and lipstick, that won't stop me from bringing these beautiful fashions to you. I must add, that I want that shoe handbag and the eyewear, like for real. This collection is all black, white, red and mysterious. It capitalizes on the 40s with a dash of the 60s. It is the New New Look in all of its modern appeal. It is so Parisian chic, that I cannot take my eyes off it. So, check out what Dior is doing these days without Galliano.

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