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Wednesday Inspiration: and Another Giveaway

05 June 2013
It's been a long week already and I am counting the weeks, days and hours until I leave Special K and my job. I have 85 days 20 hours and 37 minutes to be exact.  And the time can't come soon enough. I am way beyond tired. I am so exhausted that my muscles are cramped--I have a standing appointment with an acupuncturist. I need a vakay! Seriously. And I need time with my honey bunny.

Despite this exhaustion, I am totally being inspired everyday and I am slowly getting all of my items to begin creating my Pre-Fall collection. I may be doing a joint collection with a friend and  I will tell you more about that as it unfolds.

In July, I will be doing a shoot with photographer Sasha Velvet and I am extremely excited about that.  I have been inspired by many things of late and have decided to begin posting color, lip, nails and eye of the week posts again.

Blues, gold, red and turquoise have been inspiring me a lot this week. There is something ethereal about the combo of colors.

On another front. Fellow blogger Cafe Fashionista is giving away yet another piece (picture above) from the Lilith+McRae collection. You can read all about it here.

Until next post. Stay safe and fabulous!
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