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Inspiration Post: Classic Hollywood Glam

01 June 2013
Today, I am just relaxing in my home and eventually I will get up to clean and wash my hair. But for now, I am dreaming fantasizing and putting my Fall collection together.

Last week, I was in a conversation discussing women's "health" and "beauty." And it got me to thinking about the beauties from the Classic Hollywood era, who are truly inspiring my fall collection along with the 1920s-40s style. And I realize how beautiful their bodies were and elegantly feminine they are compared to the women today.

These notable women are inspiring me this morning and it is they that I somewhat--style wise-- model myself after. These women are extremely healthy, but by today's standards they would be considered plus-sized.

But before I post pictures of them, I must share these fabulous shoes that I found that are custom made. I must have them. They are very reminiscent of this era. You can find them here.

Now on to the women.

Mae West

Jean Harlow

Dorothy Lamour--who looks oddly like Eva Green

Irene Dunne

Josephine Baker

Vivien Leigh

Gloria Swanson

Rita Hayworth

And then there was these two who came about a decade or two later:

Marilyn Monroe

Sophia Loren

and the jewelry!

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