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My Week in Review and a Sneak Peek

16 June 2013
It's been a pretty busy week. One of my best gal pals will be leaving Korea soon which makes me sad. Another did a midnight and decided not to come back after a month of vacation with her family. So, it would seem that I am left here for the next 74 days alone. Well, not quite. My partner teacher for my ECP-7 class and I have been hanging tight lately and I love being around her. We struggle with conversation because she can't speak English well and I can't speak Korean at all, but we get by.

Last week, we went to see Star Trek Into Darkness together and then ate at Lotte. The movie was fantastic, and my second time seeing it.  Of course, I am still drooling over Benedict, good lord that man is sexy.

This week we went to my favorite vegan restaurant, The Loving Hut. The food is delicious and made us both quite happy, body wise. I even brought home seconds.

Later we went off to have coffee and a little shopping.  Later I went over to an old co-workers home to give her a makeup tutorial for her upcoming wedding. She caught on quite quickly.

I have been working quite hard on my Pre-Fall collection and I am still waiting on a few more pieces to finish it up. My S/S Collection was featured on two sites recently and will be on another in about 3 weeks. I truly psyched about that and grateful for the support. So, in honor of my followers I wanted to give a sneak-peak into the Pre-Fall collection. It will be going live, mid-July. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

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