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07 June 2013
Chambray, the sexier, lighter, more demure sister of denim. Cham-brrray, even her name sort of rolls of your tongue. Chambray is a great fabric to wear in the hotter summer months. It is 100% cotton and lighter in color than denim. It breathes better as well. Like denim, chambray is very versatile and is seemingly a statement piece for the coming hot months. Here are a few ways you can wear chambray this summer without breaking the bank.  

Chambray and Polk-a-dots

Chambray as a shirt is more comfortable and flexible than a denim shirt. Especially, when you have sweat rolling down your back. Try pairing a chambray top with a polkadot skirt and these cute heels or flats.
Chambray and Polkadots



Chambray Blazer

Now here's a way to get away with wearing "denim" to the office. This chambray blazer could easily dress up an outfit or make it look more casual. It all depends on how you wear it. And I promise your uptight boss won't complain about it not being professional enough.
Chambray Blazer



Chambray Trousers

It's hot, the air is thick and heavy and the more you sweat the heavier and hotter your jeans get. What is a better and cooler alternative to a nice pair of trousers or denim pants? Why, chambray of course.
Chambray Trousers



Chambray Shorts and Shoes

Now here is a truly chic way to wear shorts. Combining different shades of chambray is a fabulous way to look put together. Try pairing these chambray shorts and shoes to modernize your wardrobe.
Chambray Shorts
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