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02 August 2010

This just in. I have finally received my official letter of acceptance from the University of Bologna and Italian Consulate pending I pass the Italian competency exam on September 1st. I will have my plane ticket tomorrow and my Visa on August 24th. I am sure the people at the Consulate hate me but hey when you got employers, family, and university breathing down your neck you tend to breathe down theirs. However, I know Lucia will understand. She was an awesome lady.

I am still having the butterflies in my stomach. I have the list for what I need to know for the test but it so vague. So I will study everything for the next month including history and culture.

I added RAI to my mother's Dish Network programming so that I can watch Italian constantly. Complete immersion will do just nicely.

Wish me luck as you always do. I will keep you posted.
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Thanks chiclets for your chic comments. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Forever chic,