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Visa Process part 2

06 August 2010
I have begun my visa process for my travels to Italy. It just does not get any less stressful. Once I am there I will not be able to relax until after I pass my first exam-the entrance exam--that I must past to start classes on September 1st. Until then, i must gather documents for the Consulate to receive my Visa. For which I plan to have done by Monday.

1) 2 passport sized fotos
2)bank statements
3)travel statement
5)letter from friend stating they will sponsor my lodging even if they are not

Talk about crazy.. However I am still very excited. I just bought my plane ticket. I fly out August 25th. Whoot! I have two layovers and 16hrs of flying. The most exciting plane ticket yet since I get to layover in Copenhagen. So I can add one more place on my list that I have "visited."

I bought my plane ticket fro $711 one-way on Cheap O Air. I have even guest blogged on the site. The wonderful thing about this price is that it is half the price of all the other site. My buddy pass fell through so I had to purchase my ticket. Most sites were quoting $1400 one-way. Craziness. All in all, it seems things are looking up for me. I am excited. I just need to make it through this last leg of the process. I can't give up now. I must make it to the oldest University in the Western world, founded in 1088. Holy Cow, that was right before the first Crusade. Talk about history.

Now back to studying and then to work. Have a good weekend
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