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The things I will miss

23 July 2010
Today, I decided to sit down a write a list of the things I will miss about the States as I am preparing to start a new journey in my life. This is my Eat, Pray, Love moment.

Many people think I am really negative about the United States and that I do not appreciate what it has to offer, but honestly, I appreciate what it has to offer however, the things that I value above all else do not exist in our society. Despite this angst I have for my homeland, I want to share with you a list of things that I will miss when I leave to start my life a new in a foreign land.

1. Buffalo Chicken Wings, yeah I said it..WINGS!!
2. Frenchy's
3. My mom
4. My friends, new and old
5. diversity of food
6. diversity of ethnicities--altho Italy is a very diverse country
7. Diversity of religion- 90% of Italy is Catholic
8. English, I know the language well, I have expressed myself in it for 34 years
9. crazy Christian people
10. Crazy political groups
11. Syfy
12. HGTV
13. The Food Network
14. American TV-- I am not looking forward to half naked girls dancing on tv shows. blah
15. Soul Food
16. NYC
17. New Orleans
18. Central Market AND Whole Foods
19. English!
20. :D
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