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26 August 2010
I have finally arrive in Bologna, $250 out of my budget for luggage, 16 1/2 hours of flying and salivating and openly gaping at beautiful Danish men in an airport. I have finally made it to my destination.

My journey is not over yet. I still have a test on the first of September to finalize my stay and I must find an apartment. I did however meet some really cool Americans from Pittsburgh on the flight over who will be attending the same school different program. So they will probably be my only American friends here. They too have the same agenda as I. Make as many foreign friends as possible, perfect the Italian and whatever other language they can pick while here.

I am excited. I still only understand about 70% of conversations however my ear is getting better and my response time is too. That will take a few months but I am not worried. Tomorrow I will go out into the city to listen, practice and talk as much as I can. i must prepare myself for next Wednesday's exam. I was told it is not difficult but I prefer to be over prepared than not prepared at all. Tomorrow I also get to see the first apartment of my list of places to stay and meet my potential roommates.

And I must say my friends and family back home sent me off in style and love. You guys rock.

Now my life begins. I must find out about working as well there seems to be some confusion there as well.

Ciao a tutti

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2 comments on "Sono qui"
  1. Yay!!! I'm so excited for you :)

  2. You go girl! You'll rock the test. I love you lots. Congratulations!


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