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Start Talk: Taurus and Gemini Power Color

15 April 2014
Since celebrating my birthday last week, I put up a fabulous post about Aries's power color. I figured that it wouldn't be fair to leave all of the other signs and or constellation out of the pictures. After enjoying the lunar eclipse last night and seeing Mars from a distance, I feel that with all the wonderful things going on in our skies, and the fashion trends embracing the stars and the cosmos, why not focus on the constellations in which we were all born under?

So this mini-series will encompass all season babies over the next two weeks.   I will continue this series with Spring babies, Taurus, and Gemini and end with the winter babies, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Hopefully, this will assist you in enjoying the colors that nature has picked out for you. So let's get to it shall we?  

Startalk: Taurus
COLOR: FOREST GREEN (for fertility)

Taureans are ruled by the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, Venus. Taureans are the toddlers of the zodiac. They wish to experience the world through touch, through beauty. They wish to possess it, make it theirs. In this stage, Taureans are learning about them selves finding their voices, allowing seeds to be planted. They are fertile. Therefore, Taureans seek beauty, they are understanding life in color, so flowy luxurious clothes are key to this sign, and green is definitely their color.
Forest Green Taurus

Startalk: Gemini
COLOR: YELLOW (for newness and intellect)

Geminis are the teenagers of the zodiac. They are the thinkers, the intellectuals. They are ruled by the light-footed god of communication, Mercury. Just as Mercury is the fastest moving planet and the god  Mercury is swift because of the wings on his feet, Geminis crave the newness of everything, the new experience. Its not that they are two faced as they've been coined, its more that they are solidifying their personality, trying to understand what works. Their color is yellow. It is the color of all things new and the color of the intellectual. In fact, as we get older it is one of the first colors that we no longer see. For Geminis, any silhouette goes. Remember, they are trying to figure out what suits them. So flowy dresses and structured looks, mini and knee length skirts. These are perfect for the ever changing Gemini.

Mellow Yellow Gemini
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