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Party Like it's my birthday: Star Talk

07 April 2014

I am celebrating my birthday today. As a spring baby, I've decided to celebrate all things spring, except of course, all of nature's sperm in the air that is causing me all manner of nasal and laryngeal irritations. Spring speaks of all things new, passion, love, longer days and shorter nights. It is just a fun season after a long, cold, dark winter.

Now, of course, I was inspired to do this series by my current obsession with Neil Degrasse Tyson and his Cosmos and Star Talk shows. I have always been somewhat of a cosmic geek mixed with, the not so scientifically proven, astrology. I will begin this series with  Aries (like myself). So let's get to it shall we?

Star Talk: Aries The Ram


COLOR: SCARLET RED (for action) AND WHITE (for purity)

Red is the color of action and it definitely makes the ram leap into it. It is a power color, a color of authority, a color of war. Being ruled by the god of war Mars, an Aries seeks to conquer the world through sheer force of will. In which case, Aries loves wearing clothes that have a military, warrior edge to them. The pieces  must be fashionable and on trend, but they also must be practical and functional in case of an altercation.

Scarlet Red Aries

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