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Boy Epic, a music review

16 April 2014
I love it when I stumble upon great music, especially when I stumble upon it in my inbox. Sometimes it can be hit or miss in these situations, but I was quite delighted that this budding star didn't disappoint.

Boy Epic has become a YouTube sensation and with his raspy dulcet tones and deeply written songs, it is no wonder. Boy Epic is seemingly the more adult, mature version of an ex-boy band member who is launching his solo career, but making that comparison is somewhat insulting. To be quite honest, I have not heard such a unique edgy sound in quite a while. His sound closely resembles that of the music sensations out of the UK that are touching our souls that the newest version pop isn't.

What I love the most is that his lyrics are wise beyond his years and quite heartfelt.  They all tell a story. His trilogy "Hell", "Say Something", and "Wicked," tell a story of love, obsession, loss, and be passion. It focuses more on the dark side of love, not the abusive side, but the dark shadowy places that we are terrified to admit exist. My favourite of the three is ‘Wicked.’  It is in this song, that the darkest place of the soul is exposed by desire. ‘Hell’s,’ rock n roll edgy rift showed he had complete control of his desire and of the situation, but in ‘Wicked,’ he loses that control to the touch of the woman he thought he possessed, to his deepest darkest desires. It speaks of dark corners, seedy desires, and smoked filled rooms. It is a sexy, compelling song.

Paralyzed's haunting tune stirs emotions long forgotten. Of secret crushes and words afraid to be spoken.
Overall, Boy Epic’s star is on the rise.  He is proving himself one song at a time. At the moment he is an underground sensation, but it won’t be long before his name is one everyone’s lips and he songs are saturating the airwaves

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