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Outfit of the Day and Giveaway--Preppy Style:

27 September 2013
As I am adjusting to my new life in N. Ireland, I am finally finding time to post some of my fabulous outfits and this is my first such post in the history of Lattes + Lipstick.

I am happy that I have ventured out into my actual styling posts and taking pictures of myself. At the moment I feel like a contestant on Top Model because I have noticed all of the things I did wrong in the photos.

Le beau took these great pictures and I am sure the second time around I will nail it. Hopefully, I wil not get kicked off the island for the first set.

The  preppy trend I am sporting was inspired by the preppy trend of the 1920s, but gained mainstream traction in the 1950s. I am actually wearing my boyfriend's dress shirt along with a skinny tie I bought from Amazon for £2.99. For those of you in the US, all items from ASDA can be found at Walmart from the George brand.

Today, was a wonderfully sunny day and I look forward to doing more snapshots. I will have a giveaway post on the blog Sunday so make sure you be on the look out and enter for your chance to win a skull brooch.

Until then, here are the sites where you can acquire these fabulous wares.

preppy style: OOTD

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