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Artist's Corner: Rosalie Knaack and Giveaway

10 October 2013
For the last three or so weeks I have been on a world wind tour of, well, the world. So I have been lagging in my posts so forgive me. I just returned from Florence, Italy doing a photo shoot of the FW 2013 Lilith + McRae collection, Femme Fatale. Here's a sneak peek. I will post about the shoot later.


Today, I wanted to highlight a favorite artist of mine that I met while living in S. Korea. Rosalie is originally from Texas, like myself and she is a master potter.

She and her husband are both pursuing their Master's in Pottery and Ceramics and they literally have a potter's wheel in their home in Daejeon. Rosalie and I met when I did my first artist's show displaying my jewelry collection and this little ball of fire and I hit it off.

I absolutely loved her creative spirit and her craft. She made some of the most unique pottery that I've ever seen at least not since I left Sicily in 1996.

I went over to her studio before I left to see what she was up to and observe her creative process.

When I decided to create my FW2013 collection Femme Fatale with a Deco/Egyptian Revival theme she approached me the idea of doing a joint venture. I of course said, 'Yeah!!' This is what came of it.

She enjoys doing something earthy as she says and she even gave me a moment on the wheel. It was quite exhilarating. I cannot wait to see the finished collection, but until then here's a giveaway from my studio and hers. You can find Rosalie Knaack Studio on Etsy.

This week's giveaway includes a skull brooch from Rosalie's Studio and a stack bracelet from FW2013 Femme Fatale Collection. Enter to win below. The winner will be announced October 18, 2013.

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