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World Tour: Mumbai India: 5Spice Restaurant Review

14 September 2013
It has been a minute since I last post because I have been on my world tour these last 14 days. I just left Dublin and am on my way to Northern Ireland, but before I arrived in Dublin, I spent 10 days is the fast pace, noisy, crazy, smelly, fantastically wonderful city of Mumbai, née Bombay, India.

Later, I will share my pictures of the fantastic architecture, but first I must share my gastronomical experience. My favorite place in all of Mumbai was an Indian/Chinese fusion restaurant that my friend and her husband introduced me to called, 5Spice.

5Spice isn't a swanky place. It is very minimalistic with its picnic style wood tables and glass doors. The restaurant ran by both Chinese immigrants and Indian natives. It was the only spicy food that I had in India. I may also add, that I haven't eaten Chinese since I lived in NYC 10 years ago due to multiple cases of food poisoning and my experience in China not knowing what the hell I was eating.

But this place was magical. The food was exceptional. A meal for 3 people cost about $15 American dollars. The best dish in the place was the Crispy Spinach chicken. It was a mixture of spicy sweetness.

The spinach was crispy and sweet, mixed with sesame seeds. My mouth had a mini orgasm. Then came the noodles and rice.

 And then there was the piéce de résistance, Rocky Road dessert. This dessert was so decadent, it makes me want to fly back to Mumbai just to eat it again. It took three of us to eat it, but it was so worth every bite. Instead, I will try to recreate it in the kitchen here in Ireland. I hope you all enjoy.

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