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02 August 2012

Love, the four letter word that we all seek but many never find and some hide from.

Love makes life less dark, it lights our hearts and makes it harder for us to let go when it’s all said and done.

Love is a drug, that gets you high and once you start you cannot stop.

Love is a warm hug, its a balm to our wounds, an experience we must shout from the mountain tops.

 by: TanishaShu

In light of the massacre in Aurora, I want to send my condolences to those who lost family members and urge us all to embrace and celebrate love. Humanity to me is like a wounded animal that is lashing out at the moment but if we would all just concentrate on loving instead of judging each other, we’d be amaze at what could change.

Remember no matter or race, sex, religious creed or sexual orientation we are all on this planet together. We are all in this together. Love a little more, hate a little less and that includes yourself.

Just want to spread a little love today, all the way from South Korea.


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