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21 August 2012

I received this email a few days ago from a young lady named Toni. Here’s what she had to say:

Okay, I’m working on my fall wardrobe and looking ahead to spring for next year and it’s a bit awkward because I have a fear of colors. What I mean is that for the longest time I’ve only warn certain colors. My closet right now is rather sadly lacking in many colors. It’s mostly black, grey browns. The occasional red or purple appears, but I’m aware that the “rainbow” is missing. I feel like I need a bit more UNF and to be more adventurous and get to be comfortable wearing a wider range of colors.

I’m petrified of greens (I only own one olive green top) and oranges, which I know is silly because logically I think that the right color could look good on me. I guess I’m not confident in determining what colors go best with my skin tone.

I’d really appreciate any advice you can offer for someone looking to expand the color range in their wardrobe and figuring out what colors work for you. Sorry if this seems a bit silly, but I’ve been working on this for awhile now and it only JUST occurred to me to ask you. ^^’

After receiving this email and having many requests along the same line from many women of color and white women, I have decided to make this a two part series. I will breaking it up into skin tones and putting together four outfits with cool undertones (yellow) and warm undertones (red) in mind.

Remember the rules I gave to you about makeup? They also apply with your clothing. As Toni has yellow undertones, she is representing the cool family of shades, therefore in order to warm up her skin tones and to compliment her fabulous hue, she must stick to colors in the warm family. This means she can wear any color as long as it is on the warm (read red or orange) spectrum of the color.

Deep teals, red-purples, burnt-oranges, fuchsias and burgundy are a must for this fabulous girl. Here’s what I put together.

Casual wear—Colored Denim:

Casual Wear--Yellow tones

J.Crew long sleeve shirt, 99,890 KRW / H&M checkered pants, 33,995 KRW / High heels, 136,215 KRW / Crossbody handbag, 33,995 KRW / Fantasy Jewelry Box gold jewelry, 61,240 KRW / Sari Glassman chain jewelry, 62,430 KRW / 1928  jewelry, 43,135 KRW / Make Up For Ever waterproof makeup, 20,430 KRW / Slipper / Dolce Gabbana makeup

If you are afraid of wearing color, I would suggest wearing color on the bottom half of your bottom where you can’t see it to close to your face, making you feel more out of place. Often, people who are terrified of color are terrified of seeing it near their face. It feels strange, so I would suggest by adding color on the bottom half of your body and accessories, to get used to seeing yourself in color.

Colored denim is a big staple at the moment and are even more in this Fall. Mixing a colored denim like this electric blue brings a pop of color to your wardrobe and combining it with this cute black and white polkadot top allows you to be in your comfort zone without having the same old same old.


Businesswear--yellow tones

J.Crew tie shirt, 124,865 KRW / H&M plaid jacket, 62,410 KRW / Pencil skirt, 105,230 KRW / Trasparenze lace hosiery, 21,635 KRW / Mimi Holliday by damari, 34,055 KRW / Velvet boots, 136,215 KRW / J.Crew high heel pumps, 312,155 KRW / Tory Burch earrings, 107,835 KRW / Liz Palacios cocktail jewelry, 85,135 KRW / Illamasqua highlighter makeup, 48,240 KRW / MAC Cosmetics lipstick, 25,205 KRW / Nail polish, 17,015 KRW

Spice up your wardrobe with this cute camel colored skirt and blazer. If you have yellow undertones, stay away from beige, however camel is the warmer toned sister of beige and perfect for your skin tones. Combining a pop of fuchsia near the face will your complexion a lovely flush. Teal booties or patterned kitten heels is perfect for spicing up your professional wear.

Add a bit of sex appeal with a garter and stockings and you never know, you may get a raise!

Go Graphic with a little Flair

Creative Outfit--Yellow tones

J.Crew merino wool sweater, 56,745 KRW / J.Crew tailored shirt, 34,040 KRW / FAIR+true printed skirt, 105,230 KRW / J.Crew pointed toe pumps, 292,860 KRW / Oasis tote bag, 71,345 KRW / Liz Palacios adjustable ring, 85,135 KRW / 1928 teardrop earrings, 43,135 KRW / Club Manhattan tie necklace, 27,940 KRW / Mango studded belt, 11,340 KRW / MAC Cosmetics lipstick, 24,080 KRW / Urban Decay waterproof eyeliner, 24,975 KRW / Illamasqua matte nail polish, 15,890 KRW

So you work in a more artistic and creative environment? Try this graphic skirt with this crisp winter white sweater and belted waist and you will make some waves, well at least be the talk of the office, in a good way. Again, we are placing the color on the lower half of the body but the skirt speaks for herself. The warmer blues and greens is a great way to spruce up the white and black in your wardrobe.

Toughen Up—For the Rocker Chic in you

Hardcore-olive tones

Toast silk top, 88,290 KRW / Trench coat, 64,590 KRW / Leather pants, 71,510 KRW / Bakers shoes, 158,915 KRW / Crystal jewelry, 12,430 KRW / River Island silver jewelry, 39,240 KRW / Mimco crystal jewelry, 106,490 KRW / Sephora Collection waterproof makeup, 4,540 KRW / Creme eyeliner / MAC Cosmetics lipstick, 19,865 KRW / Nail polish, 17,015 KRW / OASIS Colour Block Pocket Barrel, 71,345 KRW / Chain necklace

Tangerine is the color of the hour and not that yellowy tangerine either. Instead the vibrant, warm, tangerine almost blond orange color is hot hot hot and goes very well with yellow undertones. This warm color combined with a steel gray and black and is must for the Fall, early Winter. Its a tough but elegant way to make a statement and I am sure you already have some black pants in the closet. Give them an update with this cute top, jacket and platform boots. If you are against high heels there are plenty of flat over-the-knee boots out there that will go perfect. Check out Baker’s Shoes, you’d be amazed at what you will find. Adding purple accessories—the complimentary color f yellow—will truly turns some heads.

Toni, I hope this helps you some. Even if the outfits are not your style, you can take some of the ideas and make them your own. Remember, warm colors only. Stay away from colors with cool (yellow or olive green) tones and I promise you will look more fresh and new this upcoming Fall season.

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