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15 August 2012

“Violence against women is the most pervasive violation of human rights in the world today.


In honor of the launch of Lattes and Lipstick’s website, I am spotlighting the independent film “Virginity” written by: Saeed Khoze.

Short Summary

L.A. Independent Film & Entertainment, or L.I.F.E, is a turnkey production company that aims to shed light on the darkness of the world with its humanitarian projects. 

The story involves an Iranian girl from a religious family, a European call girl and a Russian girl. Due to a prearranged marriage situation set up by her parents, Raha is forced to deal with and endure some very difficult and life-altering events. This is based on true events..

You can make contributions on the IndieGoGo site for Virginity to ensure that the film is seen all over the world. Remember, maybe you weren’t born in such society where women are seen as less than cattle, but you could have been.

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