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Music Find: Blind Benny

18 June 2012

This duo is made up of New York Native and songstress and songwriter, Jade, who perfected her craft in her father's church and who admittedly states that, “I'm obsessed with human behavior. I live vicariously through everyone," and Jonathan Carmelli, guitarist and producer. These two met in New York when Jade was working on another project when they decided to work on their first Album, It's My Heart, Cookie. It was here that Jonathan decided to forgo his acceptance into Berklee College of Music in Boston and remained in the city. 

During their time working on It's My heart, Cookie, they were able to perfect their sound which is evident in their new EP, No Honor. This album dabbles into a world music sound that keeps those listening wanting more. Their first release, No Honor, has a afro-latin guitar hook and Jade's dulcette vocals takes a rock-esque edge that blends fantastically with this unique sound combo.

Sweet, Sweet, a throw back to the 80s pop-rock movement is one of my favorite tracks and next is Goodness which channels the down tempo movement and is reminiscent of Nouvelle Vague. Chewjitsu gets its sound from the Red Hot Chili Pepper 90s with a somewhat late 50-ish sound mixed in and is reminiscent of sunny days at the Bu, Malibu. There wasn't a track I didn't like on this album. It will be money well spent.

I was able to get a hold of there management and they were generous enough to give the readers of L&L a free download of their first track on the album.

Go check them out on Facebook, Youtube and their official site. Blind Benny is definitely an indie duo that you won't soon forget. They are hot, hot, hot. In fact, I suspect they may have produced the 'it' tracks of the summer.

Download free track below by clicking the link

No Honor (Single) by BlindBenny

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