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Just when you thought it was too HOT for Wine! ROSES

27 June 2012
Just when you thought it was too HOT for Wine!
Roses are here to save the day 

Ciao Bellas it is officially SUMMER and it definitely feels like in most part of America.  I am hear to save the day with a question I get all the time, since it has already reached a scorching 97 degrees in New York City, what should I drink in this weather? Especially for you Red lovers out there who don't want to fully commit to a White wine for the summer God answered your prayers by inventing Rose (French), Rosado (Spain), Rosato (Italian), or simply Pink Wine.  

First things first please know that Roses are mostly derived from Red grapes such as Syrah, Grenache, Pinot Noir and Merlot  etc. and the process which gives it the pink or blush color is the contact the skin of the grape has with the juice.  Depending on the length of time the juice has with the skin will give the wine either a darker strawberry color versus a light pale pink color. 

Most Americans think that Pink wines are always going to be sweet but please note that all Roses are not like White Zinfandel there is such an animal as Dry Roses.

So the Rose of the Day is - Casal Garcia  a Vinho Verde Rose

For all  Young & Ready Ladies  this Rose is for YOU!! As the producer even describes this wine as Young and Refreshing  on the label and that is completely true.  Don't know what to bring to a cook-out, you won't go wrong with this wine.  Looking for a nice easy wine for the beach where you won't be twisted or overheated, this is wine is for you. Last thing you want is to look drunk at Resort/Swim wear fashion show with your new couture swim suit. 

Credit: Google Image

Origin: Vinho Verde, Portugal - Europe
Price: $9.00 USD retail
Grapes: Vinhao, Azal, Borracal
Appearance: As you see from the picture above its strawberry red color, there is a little effervescence which is typical for vinho verdes (which also comes in whites btw). 
Smell: Red berries with a hint of citrus
Taste: This wine is not out to fool you.  As complex as wine can be this wine is exactly smells and looks like.  The taste is simple and is close to wine version of Strawberry/Raspberry Sprite. Acid level is medium/high and tannins which are gripping in the beginning have a short finish which is important when you are sitting in the sun.  Everything is very balanced and very fruit forward and there is a hint of tartness and sweetness from the fruit. Vinho Verde was made with the weather in mind to keep be enjoyable in the hot weather.  Many of my clients say they actually have seen this particular wine in the supermarkets while visiting Portugal. 
Pairing: This wine is very versatile from meats to salads.  Very enjoyable with salty foods and seafood or even with a simple fruit salad.  
Please comment  your thoughts  or questions about Rose or Vinho Verde.

Boun Appetitio!



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