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The things I will miss

23 July 2010
Today, I decided to sit down a write a list of the things I will miss about the States as I am preparing to start a new journey in my life. This is my Eat, Pray, Love moment.

Many people think I am really negative about the United States and that I do not appreciate what it has to offer, but honestly, I appreciate what it has to offer however, the things that I value above all else do not exist in our society. Despite this angst I have for my homeland, I want to share with you a list of things that I will miss when I leave to start my life a new in a foreign land.

1. Buffalo Chicken Wings, yeah I said it..WINGS!!
2. Frenchy's
3. My mom
4. My friends, new and old
5. diversity of food
6. diversity of ethnicities--altho Italy is a very diverse country
7. Diversity of religion- 90% of Italy is Catholic
8. English, I know the language well, I have expressed myself in it for 34 years
9. crazy Christian people
10. Crazy political groups
11. Syfy
12. HGTV
13. The Food Network
14. American TV-- I am not looking forward to half naked girls dancing on tv shows. blah
15. Soul Food
16. NYC
17. New Orleans
18. Central Market AND Whole Foods
19. English!
20. :D
1 comment on "The things I will miss"
  1. Uh Lady,
    I watch HGTV online, uh, English you've listed twice, just sayin' (LOL)...WINGS? I have never eaten a wing but they must be good because almost every fellow American swears by them and the Ghost of Graystar that they're delicious.

    Besides my family and friends in the U.S, what I will miss and miss RIGHT NOW is American Humor, American Sarcasm, my God, some of the stuff that comes out our mouths! Not to worry, I pull my American-ness out when I feel I will get some special treatment. This is usually good for getting extra food and desserts in supermarkets and cafes. LOL!

    See you in Italy!!


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