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non ho finito

23 May 2010
yep, that's right I still have work to do. Il Consolato di Italia wrote me on Friday to tell me that I needed to have a new letter reissued from the University of Houston. Hopefully my Chair is still around or I am screwed, Sigh, my work is never done is it?

On the bright side I am in contact with the University of Bologna and it looks good for me. So wish me luck...
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  1. I wish you luck, luck, luck! With all the work you've put into it, your desires will come to you. I watched Under the Tuscan Sun today. It was so fun to see again after all these years. I can't wait for our journeys to begin. I love you. Love, Feather


Thanks chiclets for your chic comments. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Forever chic,